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We have heard thousands of students asking: ‘I don’t want to take my class, tell me a good excuse.’ Well if you want to get out of class, you’re at the right place. Whether you woke up with a hangover or just didn’t do the homework, there’s always an option to skip your class. However, you still need a good excuse or you might be dealing with academic consequences. Praying for that last-minute email from your teacher saying class has been cancelled? No need! We’ll help you to come up with valid excuses for missing your classes.

Most students lose their integrity and trust in front of their teachers because their excuses are (frankly) stupid. You don’t want to fall into that category and make a fool of yourself in front of your whole class. So, Instead of fibbing about vague family member emergencies or something else really bizarre, here’s what you need to know. Let’s explore the best excuses for missing classes to ensure you never get caught in a lie!

Food Poisoning

Feeling sick and having a headache are age-old excuses that don’t work anymore even if you’re telling the truth. It’s time to switch it up a little and go with something that sounds less cliché and more genuine. Instead of coming up with a new disease, just tell your professor that you got food poisoning. You’re throwing up every now and then =, you’re stomach’s upset and you’re feeling weaker than a baby. This is a pretty valid excuse and can get you off the hook for one day at least.

Teeth Problems

We all need a dentist appointment every once in a while, even if it’s just a routine check-up. This excuse sounds more believable than a dramatic story about you ending up in a hospital for something. Moreover, you’d have a lot of explaining to do if you show up looking fit the very next day. If you don’t have a good teeth excuse, just stick to getting your wisdom teeth removed. Make sure to assure your teacher the dentist appointment is overlapping with the class timings.

No Electricity

Tell your teacher that you cannot enter the online classroom because there’s no power at your home. This excuse works pretty well because your teacher cannot ask you to join the class using your cellular data plan. This is because students don’t usually buy heavy data plans because they can be unaffordable. Hence leave them a message beforehand that your power is out and you won’t be able to attend the lecture. This gives the impression that you care enough to inform your teacher and so your excuse has to be genuine.

Can’t Access The Link

So this one’s a broad category but you can narrow it down according to what you’d prefer. There are many potential reasons why you may not get to access the link to the class. First of all, you can say you never received the class invitation link in the first place. However, if you say this beforehand, your teacher would be quick to solve the problem for you before the class. So make sure you message your teacher sometime after the class ends. Secondly, you can say that you received the link to the class but it wasn’t working.

Ongoing Construction Work

Now, this is a pretty rare yet effective excuse to miss your class but you can only use it once. Just tell your teacher that there’s ongoing construction work in your building or home. Although, this won’t give you the freedom to not join the class but you can still miss it. Construction work is loud, so you can simply log in to your class and keep yourself on mute. This way your teacher won’t be able to cold-call you and you can do whatever you want in that time.

Network Issues

Although many students commonly use this excuse it still works every single time. Not getting wifi signals or network disruption is pretty common and happens to all of us. Although you will need to play it smart and join the class for a while before you leave it. However, it’s going to look pretty odd and suspicious if you message your teacher right by the end of your class. So make sure you give this legitimate excuse to your teacher sometime after your class ends.

Unaware Of Class Timings

If you’re a new student or your semester has just started, this excuse is going to work well. It’s pretty common to get confused between the timetables when you’re just beginning to take your classes. Although, you won’t have to message your teacher or professor about this in advance because they’ll just inform you. Simply skip the class and pretend like you didn’t know about it when they ask you. Or if you want to play it safe, message them later saying you got to know the class took place from another student and you won’t miss it again.

A Sibling Sharing The Device With You

If you’re a student in high school, you can use this excuse to skip your class. Times have been hard for young students because they now have to have a separate device for taking classes. It’s pretty common for many households to have a single common device for all the kids. Hence, you can just tell your teacher that your sibling has an online education during that time so you won’t be able to take your class. This excuse can work multiple times if your teachers are considerate enough.


School and college can take a toll on any of us and we need a break every once in a while. Even if you’re an A-grade student, you’ll still need to skip a class at least once in your semester. However, schools and colleges tend to be strict about their attendance policies so you’ll need a good excuse. We hope you’re able to say something believable following: ‘I couldn’t take my class because…’ after reading this article!

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