Life Is Too Short To Spend On Classes That You Have No Interest In

We only get one life, we play, we learn, we grow, and we work. We do all of this in a very short period of time; that is life for all of us. Why waste your precious time on things that don’t even make you happy? Especially when there is such a wide variety of everything you could possibly want to learn. From arts, makeup, baking, and cake decorations to metaphysics, organic chemistry, space science and so much more.

You can always make a career out of what you love! All you have to do is figure out what you love and sign up for those classes. If you take your online classthat you don’t even have interest in, what’s the point? We have assembled a few reasons why you should always go after what you love instead of wasting your time in uninteresting classes.


You can spend four years of your life trying to memorize every boring detail about things that you don’t even like but why would you want to? Instead, you can choose to engage in efforts to find your passion so you can find happiness in every moment. There are many researchers proving that to have a healthy work-life, you have to love what you work for. your education is your training for work, and your work will be the rest of your life. So make sure to only engage in the classes and the kind of education that can lead to a life that you would love.


If you love what you study then you will surely find the inspiration to do it better than everyone else. That can, in turn, inspire everyone else to do better too! In short, only taking classes that you love is good for everyone. It basically makes the world a happier and more efficient place. If you don’t know what you love to study right now, don’t give up looking for it! The true inspiration is within you, keep exploring and you will find a passion that will lead to the happy life of your dreams. There are opportunities all around you!

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

You might think that the field that you love does not pay enough, but that’s untrue! If you’re doing what you love then you will be the best at it! And everyone knows that the best in the field always earned the most. Besides money does not always bring happiness. Sometimes just doing what you love the most is all you need to lead a happy and successful life. You have the opportunity to innovate and learn and grow and find exactly what it is that you can do better than everybody else.

Opinions Don’t Matter

Other people might not understand your career choices, but the good news is it doesn’t matter! Other people don’t get to live your life for you. It’s your life and only yours alone. So you get to study and work for things that you love regardless of whatever they think about your choices. You’re not alive to make them happy, your happiness and your passions are way more important. Make sure to pick the classes and academic field that you love, no matter what anybody else says.

It Isn’t Job Training

The truth is you might not even need an academic degree for the job of your dreams! University does not train you for all kinds of jobs, it only gives you the information that you need to start. So your passion might not require a university degree and that’s okay! It can be acting at any other kind of traditional arts or some kind of innovative idea that you want to take initiative for. Go for it! Life is too short to be led with fear or nervousness, your idea might be the next big thing!


College and school are stressful for many students because they have to take boring and difficult classes. Work feels a lot harder when you’re not interested in it – this is why so many students struggle in school. You may ask yourself ‘is it worth taking classes just because I love the subject?’

The answer is definitely – if learning isn’t fun for you, it won’t help you. Have you noticed that you easily forget details that are boring but remember something funny or awesome? So whether you go to school/college or take your online classes, remind yourself of this piece. There are many reasons why you should not waste your time in classes you don’t even like. Reread this blog if you need to remember why you’re giving up an uninteresting course. Good luck!

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