How To Write The Perfect Resume

In this saturated market where finding a job is tough, writing a perfect resume is even a bigger challenge. You might have the best of the best skills but if you fail to write a compelling resume, you might not climb the list and get rejected by employers. This is the phase where rarely anyone can come to your help. You might ask your mates to take my online classes but when it comes to resume, most of the mates fail. It’s you who can only write a perfect resume for yourself. Until you are satisfied with your resume, how can you present it to the recruiter?

To surpass all your competing candidates, it is important for you to craft your resume yourself and iterate it until perfect. Industry experts and people from HR departments recommend writing a resume that speaks for your knacks and capabilities and gives your profile an edge over others.

If you are struggling hard to land a lucrative job, consider working hard on your resume. Below are some HR suggested tips that have been proven beneficial for our clients. You can try them too and see the results yourself. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Make A Targeted Resume

First of all, apart from your degree or the major, you are pursuing your career in, make sure to have a plan B. Degrees are a great tool to find a perfect job but they are not the only tool. For some this piece of paper can bring great benefits for others, it might yield zero advantages. Therefore, always work on your plan B, and apart from getting a degree, work hard on expanding your skillset.

Now for both of these, i.e. Skills and degree, make a different resume. If you are looking for a job that is relevant to your degree, target your major market. However, in case of pursuing your skills, write a resume that targets your skill-based markets.

For instance, if you have a degree in education, make a resume that will target academic markets like schools, colleges, etc. In case of pursuing your career in your SEO skills, target digital marketing agencies, and software houses and mend your resume accordingly.

Use a Template and Basic font

There are plenty of templates available online which are experts’ made and give a professional look to your profile. You can choose any of your favorite among them and fill in your details. Moreover, all of them have sections for headings, subheadings, and contact details, which makes these templates an all-rounder.

When filling in the details, make sure you use decent and sophisticated fonts. No need to make your resumes fashionable and stylish. Just give it a basic look. The simpler it will look, the greater it will increase your prospects’ attention.

Add Some Stats

Stats add weight to your resume. They are the numerical representation of your achievements and help recruiters to analyze your capabilities better. In these numeric you can add your grades, positions, years of experience, won competitions, etc.

The better you will add these stats, the more presentable your resume will become. Other than stats, you can also consider writing your achievements in bullet points. This practice enhances the overall look and hooks the reader.

Use A Professional Tone

One of the most critical parts of resume writing is writing it in a professional tone. Most of the applicants make a mistake and use a conversational tone. However, this is a wrong practice and portrays a negative impression. While writing an official document, always remember to use a professional tone and keep the element of respect. This is important to show your employer that you are aware of your role and possess professional ethics towards your work.

Don’t Miss Any Critical Information

Bear in mind that your resume is your first interaction with your potential employer. Therefore, top it up with all information that is critical to gaining the job. For instance, you must be very careful with all the institutions that you have studied at. From school to university level, including all grades, names, and passing years.

Also, don’t miss out on adding all the required skills that are pre-requisite for your applied role. Add in some soft as well as some hard skills to increase your worth.

Tag Your Achievements

Achievements give you a rank over others. Moreover, when you have achieved something, it shows a sense of your capability. Try to add all your achievements but if you are lacking space, you can ditch out some irrelevant ones. For instance, if you are looking for a job in the field of journalism and have some performing arts roles on your plate, add them. These roles are not directly connected but have the same roots. Be picky with the accomplishments and write all that think will give you an edge.

Don’t Include False Details

Probably the biggest drawback you can face at your workplace is due to writing a false resume or including foul information. Ensure you never do that. If you don’t have any accomplishments yet or are a newbie, it doesn’t matter. what matters is your organic and true and genuine resume.

Work On Alignment

Working on the order and arrangements of your resume is very important. Make sure to add each heading where it is supposed to be added. If you are adding your skills at first, summary in between, and objectives in end, you know you are doing it wrong. Therefore, beware!

Also, take care that all your content has the same scaling. None of it should come before the standard scale and none should go out of that. Keep a strict eye on sequencing and arrangement.


All the above are some thriving tips to write a perfect resume. For more tips and tricks you can ask our resume expert to take my online classes and we are sure they’ll guide you thoroughly through it. When you are done writing your resume, work on quality assurance and proofread to eliminate mistakes. If possible, run it via Grammarly to avoid any grammatical errors.

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